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Payment - A 50% advance payment is required to confirm & block your date. Remainder of payment in full is due at the time of the session. Sessions - Session times are set based on the current optimal light for shooting given the location & time of year. Your session duration will start at the scheduled start time. Failure to show up for your session on time will result in your session being shortened or, at the discretion of Sanya Sundar Photography, may be rescheduled. If your session must be rescheduled, you may be subjected to an additional travel fee. The session fee covers the photographer’s time and travels the day of the shoot as well as creative processes. Once the session has been completed, no refunds of the session fee will be given. Proofing & Selections - A gallery with password will be created for proofing and selection within 3 working weeks. You may select your final images from the same as per your package. Download of the final gallery will be made available after your selections are completed &/ additional orders are completed. Prints & Photobooks will not be ordered without payment. No minimum is required but a Rs.100 shipping fee will be added to orders under Rs. 500. Sanya Sundar Photography will provide at least 50 edited images for gallery viewing (exception being Specials & Mini Sessions, which will have fewer). Final images are decided upon by Sanya Sundar Photography. RAW Files are not available for viewing or purchase. No exceptions. Deliverables : All Images will be shipped along with the complimentary prints within 20 working days from the time you finalise your gallery. Additional orders of prints and Photobooks will be delivered to them no later than 3 week after payment for the same. If a delay for the order occurs, the client will be notified immediately with a new expected delivery date. Cancellations - In the event you must cancel your appointment, please do so at least 7 days prior to the set time and date. If Sanya Sundar Photography must cancel, for any reason, at any time, the client has the option to reschedule or be refunded their deposit in full. Weather is considered a no fault cancellation. If a session is cancelled due to weather, the session will be rescheduled at the earliest available time. Weather cancellations are at the digression of Sanya Sundar Photography only. Rights to Images - Sanya Sundar Photography retains full rights to all photographs taken during the session. Images may be used for advertising, trade and/or promotions. Images may be used on the website, social media site and other mediums. In case of a Private Session, Sanya Sundar Photography revokes the right to use/publish your images in any public platform without prior consent. The client will obtain the rights to print and publish to the web only. Using the images for any competition/publication/advertising without prior permission from Sanya Sundar Photography is not allowed. The images from Sanya Sundar Photography are not to be altered in any way by individuals who are not associated with Sanya Sundar Photography. This includes but is not limited to changing an image to black and white, selective colorization or changing the crop or applying filters via editing apps like Instragram. NO OUTSIDE CAMERA ARE ALLOWED DURING THE SESSION. THIS INCLUDES CELL PHONE CAMERA